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Invisalign® Teen Hopewell Township NJ

For years, teenagers never really had an option about how to straighten their teeth. The only option they had was bulky metal braces or get used to their crooked teeth. It was common for many teens at the same age and stage in life to have them, so it wasn’t as embarrassing. Yet that did not make the discomfort and issues that came along with wearing metal brackets any better. Teens today do have options with one of them being clear aligners. Invisalign® Teen was developed by Align Technology to do the same work as metal braces except in a much more discreet way.

Invisalign® Teen Hopewell Township, NJ

Pennington Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry offer teens the option of choosing Invisalign invisible aligners. As a certified provider of Invisalign, we are proud to give our patients the option to choose which type of orthodontic treatment they want. Our orthodontic office is located in Pennington, NJ but we serve patients from surrounding areas including Hopewell Township, NJ.

What is Invisalign® Teen?

Invisalign for teens is a clear aligner system where the aligners are custom made to fit your teenage child’s mouth. The aligners are made of a highly durable material that is transparent and designed to fit snugly against the teeth. This durable material provides constant force to gently move teeth into proper position faster.

How are the Clear Aligners Made?

Your child’s Hopewell Township, NJ area orthodontist will capture 3-D images of their mouth and teeth. These images will be used to create a custom treatment plan for your teenager using the Invisalign software. An outcome simulator will also allow you to see the final result, a brand new straight smile. Once the treatment plan is complete, it will be sent to the Invisalign laboratory where the clear aligners will be fabricated.

How Does Invisalign Work?

The orthodontist will give your child the first few sets of aligners, make sure they fit, and answer any questions. In order for Invisalign to work properly, your teen must wear them for twenty two hours a day. They may be removed to eat, drink, and care for teeth, but they must go right back on after. They will wear each set of aligners for about one to two weeks before moving on to the next set. Your orthodontist will want to track your progress during your treatment to make sure the aligners are working according to your treatment plan.

The biggest issue parents seem to have is their teenager not wearing their aligners enough (22 hours a day). Invisalign® Teen now comes with blue compliance indicators to help parents with this issue. As your child wears the aligners, a visible blue dot located on the back of the aligners will begin to fade. If we are able to see the blue dots, then we will know your teen is not following their treatment plan.

Benefits of Invisalign® Teen

  • No embarrassment from wearing metal braces
  • Clear and virtually invisible orthodontic treatment
  • No food restrictions
  • Predictable results
  • More comfortable and removable (compared to metal braces)
  • Easy to care for your teeth
  • No issues while playing an instrument or sports
  • Shorter treatment time